Wild Wolves Gallery

Wolves are among the most beautiful creatures among us. They remind us of our primitive nature, our bonds with the earth, and the natural world surrounding us. When we look into the eyes of the wolf, they reflect our soul back to us.

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Wild Wolves Gallery - Black Wolves with Fresh Kill Medium- Vine charcoal, pastel. Archival quality giclee print.

These two black wolves are feasting on a just-killed rabbit. 

Black Wolves with Fresh Kill print

Wild Wolves Gallery - Black Wolf in Snow.Medium- Pastel, watercolor. Archival quality giclee print.

Winter presents different hunting challenges. Here, this tired wolf continues to search for prey to fill his hungry stomach.

Black Wolf in Snow Print

Wild Wolves Gallery - Wolf Brothers. Medium- Pastel, watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. These two youngsters are resting after an intense play session. These play sessions will teach them how to survive in the wild.

Wolf Brothers Print

Wild Wolves Gallery - Grey Wolf In Tree. Medium-Watercolor, color pencil. Archival quality giclee print.

This mature gray wolf stretches and leaves his mark on a tree.

Grey Wolf in Tree Print
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