Horses of the West Title: Cut and Run-the Stolen, watercolor.  Visit Gallery

American Indian Women Warriors Title: The Other Magpie, pencil & pastel. Visit Gallery 

Eileen Allen Art Studio 

These paintings represent the horses of the old, true West, as they would have been.

Archival quality giclee prints. Please see galleries for print sizes and framing options.

Horses of the West Medicine Man's Horse


The medicine man, or ceremonial man, held a place of great esteem in the tribes. He had great power, and his horse reflected that.


American Horses




Three closely bonded pasture pals enjoying an afternoon "talk".



Plains Indians Life     

Bringing in the Watch-eyed Colt

Watercolor and pastel.

The cycle of life is represented throughout this painting-mother and child, mare and colt, vibrant life in the tipi village.

American Indians of the West-Portraits

White Indian


This portrait was done based on the true story of Elijah Nicholas Wilson, who ran away from home and was adopted by a Shoshone Tribe.

Horses and Poetry

Koran Prayer

Pen & ink, color wash, typography.

This beautiful joining of art and poetry praises the horse's place in our hearts and minds. 


Adirondackers -Living in the Past



Graphite & vine charcoal.


 Aunt Effie & 
Uncle Raymey, 

Ticonderoga, NY
circa 1900

Wild Wolves

Black Wolves

Pastel and vine charcoal.


These two wolves are feasting on a freshly killed rabbit. 

Cutter says,"Order Now for Christmas!" Cutter says,"Order Now for Christmas!"

Cutter says, "order now for Christmas 2022" This is Cutter's Little Poco,

my foundation quarter horse gelding. He is the love of my life!

Cutter is 20 years old, and going strong. (This is a photo of him at seven-

he remains a most handsome fella!)

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