American Horses

The horse is and always has been, a vitally important part of America.  The contribution of the horse to the lives of horse-lovers throughout the country is legend. These paintings offer my tribute to the immense power and importance of  the horse in our lives, past, present, and future. Scroll below for larger view and to order. All orders include shipping costs. The EA Copyright logo will NOT appear on prints. 

American Horses - The One Never Caught Medium-Watercolor, pastel, pencil. Archival quality giclee print. This is the story of a stallion who was much desired, but never caught, despite years of trying. This elusive horse lived a long life and sired many colts before he just disappeared one day.

The One Never Caught print

American Horses - Six Ear Salute. Medium-Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print.These fine horses are giving their full attention to something off in the distance.

Six Ear Salute

American Horses - Tricky Itchin' Medium-graphite, pastel. Archival quality giclee prints. This beautiful little colt is learning the fine art of scratchin' that itch, a difficult thing to do with those miles of legs!

Tricky Itchin' print

American Horses - It's A Long Way Down. Medium-Graphite and pastel. Archival quality giclee print. This youngster is not letting those long legs get in the way of some good grazing! It's worth the trip down for that green grass!

It's A Long Way Down' print

American Horses - Winter's Gallop Medium-oil painting. Archival quality giclee print. Two pasture mates joyously gallop off into freshly fallen snow on a bright, blue sky mid-winter day.

Winter's Gallop print

American Horses - I Used To Be A Contender. Medium-watercolor, gouache. Archival quality giclee print. At one time, this Amish road horse was an up and coming trotting track star, until he could no longer race. Usually, such horses end up at the auction where the Amish buy them for pulling their carriages. But at one time, they crossed the finish line to cheering crowds.

I Used To Be A Contender

American Horses - Full Steam Ahead Medium-watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. Two bold and brightly colored paints are fully charged and ready to run!

Full Steam Ahead

American Horses - Brothers From Other Mothers. Medium- watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. These three youngsters have been together since weaning time. Soon, they will be ready to start training to do the work these good horses were bred to do. 

Brothers From Other Mothers

American Horses - Forever Wild Medium-Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. America's pride-wild mustangs galloping across the open plains represent the best of what America was always known best for-freedom. 

Forever Wild

American Horses - Sympatico Medium - watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. Three closely bonded pasture pals doing a little talkin'.



American Horses - Two's Company. Medium-Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. This old girl wants nothing to do with the intruder, and says so by double barreling out at him! All prices include shipping.  (watermark will not appear on print)

Two's Company

American Horses - Still Not Talking To Each Other? Medium-Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. Two old pasture mates, politely ignoring each other on a late summer afternoon. 

Still Not Talking To Each Other

American Horses - Not So Fast, Newbie. Medium-Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. The newbie is the palomino. This is her first full day out with the group, and she must pass muster with them before heading out into their pasture!

Not So Fast, Newbie

American Horses - Working on a Retirement Plan. Medium-Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. A retired work team enjoying their

well-deserved rest. All prices include shipping. (watermark will not appear on print)

Working on a Retirement Plan

American Horses - Separation Anxiety. Medium-Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. Poor Mama! Her colt was taken away some time ago, and she is still wondering where he is.

Separation Anxiety print

American Horses - Too Close For Comfort Medium-Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. The bay horse is new and is being "crowded" by his pasture mates-not a desirable spot to be in-these meet and greets can explode rather quickly!

Too Close For Comfort

American Horses - Native Sons Medium-watercolor and pastel. Archival quality giclee print. Two fine foundation quarter horse colts having a "get to know me". These two will be fast friends before long.

Native Sons print

American Horses - Most Handsome Fellas. Medium - watercolor. Archival quality giclee print.These three good lookin' boys have their eyes on something very interesting. 

Most Handsome Fellas
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