American Indians of the Northeast


These portraits were done based on the diaries of traders who made contact with the Indians of the Northeast pre-European contact. These representations come from descriptions written by the early Dutch traders who ventured deep into Mohawk Iroquois country in the mid 1500's. All prices include shipping. The EA Copyright logo will NOT appear on prints 

American Indians of the Northeast - Ceremonial Iroquois Dancers. Medium Watercolor, colored pastel. Archival quality giclee print. 

Here, the actual dance ceremony is painted according to trader's diaries from the mid 1500's, pre-European contact. The dancers are dressed in buckskins, fur, eel skin, and tatooed. They wear deer hooves as rattles around their ankles. The rattles they hold in their hands are made from turtle shells and gourds.

Iroquois Brave print

American Indians of the Northeast - Iroquois Warrior Medium Color pastel and pencil. Archival quality giclee print. This drawing was done from descriptions of mid-1500's Iroquois Indians written down in trader's diaries. This warrior was tatooed with images of animals, wore shells in his ears, and his hair was painted with red streaks. This brave looks as he would have centuries past. 

Iroquois Brave print

American Indians of the Northeast - Iroquois Mother and Child Medium pastel and Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. Here, a young mother lovingly cradles and nurses her precious child. She is adorned with seeds, buckskin, eel skin, red paint, and porcupine quills. Behind her is the red willow, used through out the Iroquois culture.

Iroquois Mother and Child print
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