Horses and Poetry Gallery

Horses are poetry in motion. Their beauty and power inspires timeless sayings that touch our hearts and minds. 

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Horses and Poetry - The Koran Prayer. Medium-pen and ink. Archival quality giclee print. This beautiful poem truly speaks to the spirit of the horse and why we love them. 

The Koran Prayer Print

Horses and Poetry - War Bonnet. Medium-Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. A poetic tribute to the courage of the Indian horse.

Without poem version

The War Bonnet Print

Horses and Poetry - The War Horse. Medium-graphite and charcoal. Archival quality giclee print.  This drawing was done to honor all of the horses (and mules) who served and died in wars. Their courage and fortitude was only matched by the soldiers who marched into battle with them.

The War Horse Print

Horses and Poetry - Horse Creation. Medium-watercolor, other. Archival quality giclee print.  Divinely inspired, Eileen Allen painted the hoof, Michael Angelo did the hand! 

Horse Creation Print

Horses and Poetry - Gypsy Gold. Medium-watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. A spectacular white Andalusian stallion, accompanied by a beautiful saying.

Gypsy Gold Print

Horses and Poetry - The Air of Heaven. Medium-pen and ink and watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. Beautiful art and a saying that speaks from the heart of all horse lovers. 

Air of Heaven Print

Horses and Poetry - Tree of Life: Dignity ~ Wisdom ~ Respect. Medium-watercolor and color pencil. Archival quality giclee print.  Whimsical art with words to live by, celebrating all horses and life that surrounds us.

Tree of Life Print

Horses and Poetry - Horses Bill of Rights. Typography design. Archival quality giclee print.  Based on universal human bill of rights.

Horses Bill of Rights Print

Horses and Poetry - The Horse is God's Gift to Mankind. Medium-ink, vine charcoal. Archival quality giclee print. A tribute to the creator of all, and one of his masterpieces, the horse. 

God's Gift Print

Horses and Poetry - Excuse Me That's My Spot. Medium-watercolor, color pencil. Archival quality giclee print. A beautiful Appaloosa colt questions 'sharing' his spots with a feather.

That's My Spot Print
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