Horses of the West

These paintings represent the horses of the old, true West, as they would have been. The horse played a vitally important role in the lives of American Indians, ranchers, and pioneers as America was settled. Their importance of their presence is reflected throughout American history, in which their contributions were invaluable.  Please scroll down for larger images. All prices include shipping. The EA Copyright logo will NOT appear on prints.

Horses of the West - Cut and Run-The Stolen Horses of the West - Cut and Run-The Stolen

Horses of the West - Cut and Run-The Stolen Medium watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. These good Indian horses have been cut free from their tethers, but spooked are are now running off from their would-be captors. All painted on markings are signifigant of that horses' particular history in battle and hunting. 

Cut and Run - The Stolen

Horses of the West - The Cheyenne Way watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. The Cheyenne often tied young horses to mature mares. This taught them respect, patience, and how to lead. Usually, mares ran the herd.

The Cheyenne Way

Horses of the West - War Dance Horse. Medium Watercolor, colored pencil. Archival quality giclee print. Prized Indian horses were often adorned with the finest bridle work, bells, feathers, all with sacred and protective properties. 

War Dance Horse

Horses of the West - The Cheyenne Horse Doctor, Medium Watercolor and pastel. Archival quality giclee print. Before Buffalo hunts or battles, Horse Doctors were asked to administer a blessing and special protective medicines onto the horse. This usually involved chanting and special herbs applied to the horse. 

The Cheyenne Horse Doctor

Horses of the West - The Horse Doctor Ceremony Medium Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. Here, the Horse Doctor prays over the horse and rubs special herbs into the horse. These prayers and herbs bestowed strength and protection to the horse as they carried their rider on the hunt or into battle. 

The Horse Doctor Ceremony

Horses of the West - Buffalo and War Horses-Four of the Best. Medium watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. Buffalo hunt horses and battle horses were prized by the Plains Indians. Often, a warrior would have two seperate horses for the above mentioned duties. Horses were marked according to their medicine and triumphs on the battlefield, and courage hunting buffalo.

Buffalo and War Horses-Four of the Best

Horses of the West - Medicine-Man's Horse. Medium Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print.The medicine man, or ceremonial man, held a place of great esteem in the tribes. He had great power, communed with the spirits, and his horse reflected that.

Medicine-Man's Horse

Horses of the West - Buffalo Hunters. Medium Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. These good horses are marked for their bravery, battle scars, prowess in culling and hunting buffalo. Horses such as these were highly prized by their owners.

Buffalo Hunters

Horses of the West - Summoning the Spirits. Medium Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. A painted stallion dances with the power of the earth as the spirits rise up and through him, and out into the sky.

Summoning the Spirits

Horses of the West - Buckskin Stallion. Medium Watercolor  Archival quality giclee print.

This stallion will not be captured, despite the efforts of the two wranglers. He remains forever wild, forever free. (please note: this painting was done on heavily textured watercolor paper. A deepening of the texture of the paper appears here, but will not appear as much on the print.) 

Buckskin Stallion Print

Horses of the West - Medicine Hat Colt. Medium Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. This precious colt carries the sacred markings of the medicine hat horse, revered in American Indian culture. A single feather adorns his mane as he trots along side his mother.

Medicine Hat Colt

Horses of the West - Chief Silver Horn's Horse Medium Graphite, vine charcoal. Archival quality giclee print.

Chief Silver Horn was a Kiowa from Oklahoma. He rode a paint stallion. Often, he would trade food and water for whatever the pioneer's could offer-in this case, eye glasses, bells, mirrors, brass rings, etc. Chief Silver Horn would adorn his beloved stallion with these unique trinkets.

Both he and his horse wore a brass ring in their ears.

Chief Silver Horn's Horse print

Horses of the West - The War Horse. Medium Watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. A beloved mount ready for battle. His tail is tied up with red flannel, and feathers are tied into his mane and forelock as sacred protection. His body and hooves are tough and strong from covering many miles or western terrain.

The War Horse

Horses of the West - War Bonnet. Medium watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. The Indian horse wears a ceremonial war bonnet. It is made of leather, beads, feathers, horse hair, horns, and painted. All decoration is considered sacred.

Poem version

The War Bonnet Print - no poem

Horses of the West - Waiting for Yellow Wolf. Medium watercolor. Archival quality giclee print. Often, before or after a major buffalo hunt or battle, warriors would bring their horses to the horse doctor for protective ceremony or to heal up any injuries. Here, these good horses wait their turn to be treated by the horse doctor. All prices include shipping. (watermark will not appear on print.)

Waiting for Yellow Wolf
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